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Open Access Resource released 13th December 2022: CORE Reference Project Team Compare TransCelerate CPT (v009) and Draft ICH M11 Step 2 Templates: A Comparison of Level 2 Headings                                                                                                           ICH-M11-vs-TCel-CPT_by-CORE-Ref_13Dec2022

Hamilton S, Bernstein AB, Blakey G, Fagan V, Farrow T, Jordan D, Seiler W, Gertel A, (the Budapest Working Group [BWG]). Critical Review of the TransCelerate Template for Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) and Publication of Version 2 of the CORE Reference (Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based) Terminology Table. Research Integrity and Peer Review. 2019.                                                                                

Hamilton S, Bernstein AB, Blakey G, Fagan V, Farrow T, Jordan D, Seiler W, Shannon A, Gertel A, Budapest Working Group: Developing the Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based (CORE) Reference user manual for creation of clinical study reports in the era of clinical trials transparency. Research Integrity and Peer Review. 2016. and
Hamilton S, Seiler W, Gertel A: The EMWA Budapest Working Group: A 2-year collaboration to make recommendations for aligning the ICH E3 guidance with current practice and developing clinical study protocol guidance. Medical Writing 2014. and


CORE Reference is registered with as a 'reporting guideline’


Gertel A, Hamilton S (planned presentation 08 May 2020, EMWA Prague conference cancelled). “Critical Review of the TransCelerate Template for Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) and Publication of Version 2 of the CORE Reference (Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based) Terminology Table”.
Critical Review T/Cel CSR Template [Slide Deck]
Gertel A, Hamilton S (planned presentation 07 May 2020, EMWA Prague conference cancelled). “Docket # FDA-2019-N-2012. New Drugs Regulatory Program Modernization: Improving Approval Package Documentation and Communication”.
Docket # FDA-2019-N-2012 [Slide Deck]
Gertel A, Hamilton S (10 May 2019). “CORE Reference 3 Years On - A Resource for Continuing Professional Development”. Presentation including news of BWG review of the TransCelerate CSR template presented at the Regulatory Expert Seminar Series at the EMWA Conference in Vienna
CORE Reference - Three Years On [Slide Deck]
Bernstein A, Gertel A (26 June 2017). “The Core Reference Open Session” presented at the AMWA Conference in Rockville, Maryland, USA.
Ebina H, Fagan V, Gertel A (22 June 2017). Presentation (intermediate level session) at Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Conference in Chicago, USA. "Driving International Awareness and Use of Regulatory Writing Guidelines: Case Studies of the Clarity and Openness in Reporting (CORE) Reference Guidelines". CORE Reference awareness: DIA 2017 [Slide Deck]
Hamilton S, Farrow T (04 May 2017). Presentation including Utility Survey Results. 5th EMWA Symposium, Birmingham, England.
CORE Reference - One Year On [Slide Deck]CORE Reference - One Year On [Symposium Report and Utility Survey Results]
Hamilton S (01 March 2017). “CORE Reference” [Half day presentation to The Danish Medical Writers Network, hosted by Leo Pharma in Copenhagen]
Bernstein A. (2016, July 17). CORE Reference: A Medical Writer’s Guide to Preparing CSRs in an Evolving Context [Webinar]. American Medical Writers Association Online Learning.

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Hamilton S. Presentation. CORE Reference launch. Update to EMWA Conference, Munich. 12 May 2016
Hamilton S, Farrow T, Fagan V, Gertel A, Blakey G. Presentation. CORE Reference. Project Update to EMWA Conference, The Hague. 06 November 2015.
Gertel A, Bernstein A, Hamilton S. Presentation. CORE Reference. Project Update to EMWA Conference, Dublin. 06 May 2015.


Hamilton S, Jordan D. ‘CORE Reference - a tool for modern clinical study reports in an era of increasing transparency and disclosure’. Medical Writing 2018;27(2):64-67.
Hamilton S, Forjanic Klapproth J. ‘Streamlining clinical study protocols and reports’. Medical Writing: The Backbone of Clinical Development, Special Edition 2017: 28-31.
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Sam Hamilton's BioMed Central Guest Blog ’Safeguarding the privacy of clinical trial patients’ 27 May 2016:
Press release. CORE Reference launch. 03 May 2016
Press release. CORE Reference project plan. 28 January 2015

Coming Soon

EMWA Webinar Wed 21 June 2023, 11.00 CET (10.00 BST, 17.00 China Standard Time)

The CORE Reference Team - Chair, Sam Hamilton (Freelance);
Committee - Alison McIntosh (Freelance), Vivien Fagan (IQVIA), Zuo
Yen Lee (Caidya) will present a Webinar and Q&A session on CORE
Reference and the CPD resources.

TitleThe CORE Reference Project - Value for the Global Regulatory
MW Community

Target Audience: Regulatory medical writers (MWs) with an interest
in CSR writing and transparency and disclosure (T&D) of clinical
documents. The content of this session will be similar to that presented
in Prague in May 2023 with additional content on T&D in Asia.

Abstract: The CORE Reference EMWA Special Project provides
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for regulatory MWs
through open access resources and intelligence dissemination on
clinical study reporting and public disclosure of clinical-regulatory
documents. The team will present a 60-minute session including a full
web tour; demonstration of the CPD resources, including the RPD
content published monthly; a PDF open-book demonstration of CORE
Reference and its practical utility; an update on T&D in Asia; and we
will take questions from the audience.

You may submit questions in advance to
Email to register.

Third-party Publications and Presentations

The BWG, the developers of CORE Reference are pleased to share the following third-party materials about CORE Reference. The BWG does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of third-party materials. If you have a third-party publication to share, please email:

The TransCelerate Biopharma Clinical Study Report template (December 2019 release) is available on the TransCelerate website under:Clinical Content and Reuse Assets

ICH E3 and CORE Reference are the two “well-known standards” used in TransCelerate’s CSR template development in this TransCelerate slide deck.

Note: The developers of CORE Reference were not involved in TransCelerate’s CSR template development.

CORE Reference-related updates are now available in Japanese on a dedicated blog. Thank you to Yukie Uchiyama (responsible for Japanese writing of the blog) and Hiroko Ebina (responsible for quality assurance of the blog) for making this initiative possible.

Note: The opinions expressed in Yukie Uchiyama’s blog, and the interpretations of CORE Reference are solely those of the blogger, and are not necessarily those of the CORE Reference authors.

Ebina H, Homma Y, Woolley KL. Poster P-11 (English translation from the Japanese): CORE Reference: New guidelines of preparing clinical study reports for Japanese biopharmaceutical companies seeking international regulatory approvals. Presented at the 6th General Meeting for the Society of Regulatory Science of Medical Products. 9-10 September 2016, Tokyo, Japan.

Radkova E. Slide presentation. Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based (CORE) Reference. OCT IV Annual Conference - Clinical Trials in and Outside Russia. 19 September 2016, Moscow, Russia.